I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Final

We spent what seemed ages running through the dense woodland until help arrived. Two AH-64 Apache attack helicopters hovered above us. They couldn’t successfully target the giant beast through the spines of the dense trees and kept their distance to avoid any projectiles that it might launch towards them. A similar tactic the SDF would employ when fighting creatures of this magnitude.

The radio crackled, ‘McCarthy, this is Flight lieutenant Torres, do you copy?’ the frustrated voice of a man erupted.

‘Loud and clear,’ I replied nearly out of breath. The running had taken it’s toll on our bodies, we were slowing down almost to a point where the creature had caught up with us. The ground trembled with more force as it approached.

‘I can’t get a clear aim with all the tree’s in the way. You’ll need to lure it into an open spot before we get clearance to fire the missiles.’ He said.

‘Affirmative. We’ll try our best but all this running has taken its toll.’

‘I see a clearing about half a mile in the direction your running, if you can get to that then I think we’ll be able to get a clear shot.’

‘Alright,’ I agreed before explaining the situation to the other’s who looked as thought they were about to drop to the ground at any minute. I looked back and saw the outline of the creature squeezing through the tree’s. ‘It’s getting closer, we need to get to that clearing.’ I slowed down to let the others get in front of me so I could keep an eye on them in case one of them succumbed to their exhaustion.

Just as the creature was a dozen meters away, we finally made it to the clearing where a river cut through the forest. We trudged through the torrent of water which reached up to our waist’s when the creature leaped out from behind the tree’s and closed in. The creatures height advantage meant that it would easily transverse the river faster than us. We were too slow and would be butchered.

Shot’s echoed from the Apaches before a hail of Armour piercing rounds cut through the giant body of the creature like hot knifes going through butter. The Apaches hovered above the river on both sides before a storm of hellfire missiles struck their mark. Chunks of flesh and bone showered the area, some falling into the river and a dark green liquid oozed out from the carcass of the beast dissipating into the body of the clear water.

‘For fucks sake.’ Carl stated, ‘That’s shit’s going into the river.’

I tapped the radio and called the British guy, ‘HQ, Come in?’

‘Am here, what’s up?’ He asked.

‘We have a problem; the remains of that creature are contaminating the river. You’re going to need to sort this out before it becomes a bigger problem.’

‘Alright, I’ll let the authorities know. You evac is on route.’ He finished before the line went dead.

Before we set off back to base, we were treated for minor injuries and were given a chance to re hydrate and dispel our hunger. The military rations sucked but the pain in our stomachs caused us to silently eat what we were given without complaint.

Jessica was flown to the nearest military hospital where she would be treated for her ears before they flew the rest of us back to the farmhouse. We happily removed our Armour and were given the opportunity to shower up. The British guy had brought us some home cooked food to eat before all of us minus Jessica sat around the table once more.

‘The authorities are currently dealing with the contaminated river. It could potentially lead to the local wildlife mutating into creatures. Jessica is being treated; the doctors are saying she should make a full recovery within a month. The SDF sent a team to gather samples from the creature’s dead body. Whilst scouring through the data you sent to us, they have discovered an unknown agency was behind the illegal tests that were being conducted on humans. We have reason to believe that the formulae is still in the hand’s of these inhumane bastards. We don’t know who they are but we do know they have a ton of funding behind them. The US government has tasked me with setting up a private military company to get to the bottom of this. I completely understand if you guys don’t want to sign on but the fate for the entire country depends on this. Can I count on you guy’s again in the future?’

We all nodded and agreed.

‘That’s great, there will be plenty of opportunities to make more money.’ The man passed each of us a thick envelope full of cash, ‘as promised, there is your pay. Fifty thousand each.’

We all looked at each other and smiled opening the envelopes. There’s nothing like a good pay day, especially after the hell we had all been through.

‘My men are ready to take you all home. I will be contact with all of you once we’re set up and ready to go.’ He finished before dismissing us. But before I could exit the room, he called me back. ‘McCarthy, can I have a private word with you before you go?’

‘Yeah, sure. What’s up?’ I asked.

‘This unit I’ve been tasked with created will be working closely with the SDF. You have the most experience working with them. I want you to take command of the unit. Is that something you’d be interested in?’

‘Leading the unit will be more work, if the money’s right then I don’t see a problem.’ I replied.

‘I’ll make sure you’re looked after. Take care of yourself.’ He finished before letting me go.

I bid the others farewell outside after we exchanged phone number to keep in contact with each other. I entered the black SUV before setting off for home.

That’s all I have for now. I will be in contact with you all very soon once I receive word back from the British guy. I still don’t know his name but I think it’s better if it stays that way. I managed to get hold of Jessica to make sure she’s alright. She’s made a full recovery and ended up with a decent pay-check. Take care of yourselves out there.

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