I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters: Mission 2 Part 2

We paced down the chasm, weapons drawn and ready to fire if a threat presented itself. The small map displayed in our visors scanned and recorded the layout of the cave to exceptional accuracy to my surprise. Technology has gone a long way since I began my journey hunting monsters with the SDF. We made our way back to the body we had found earlier to double check for anything we could have missed before we were ambushed by that thing.

‘Look over here.’ Carl pointed towards a set of prints that lead further in to the bowels of this ancient temple. ‘These lead further down. I say we follow them and see where they take us. Hopefully we can find the others and get the hell out of here.’

‘Let’s hope you’re right.’ I replied taking a look at my wrist mounted PDA before dropping a marker upon the surface of the map and naming it “DEAD BODY 1”. The others stared at me with a look as if I had done something wrong. ‘I know that might sound harsh but we didn't exactly find a name connecting us to the body.’ I shrugged before I lead the way, following the footprints.

‘McCarthy, What the fuck was that thing? You’re supposed to be like the proper professional monster hunter out of all of us.’ Brian asked covering our backs as we followed the path.

‘Look, I know just as much as the rest of you. This desert is uninhabited for the most part and has been left untouched since our history began. At first my wild guess was that we were going to be facing a vampire. But I was proven wrong when that thing first appeared. Sure, it sucks you’re blood bone dry but it also nibbles on your flesh. Vampires don’t all you can eat human buffet, especially flesh that belongs to a dead person because it’s poisonous to them. My next guess was a ghoul, but they have a small stature. Did you see the size of that thing? Big as a fucking tank. Now I’m not the expert in the middle-eastern monster hunting scene but I do know someone who is. And now that we’ve confirmed this is some kind of monster that has killed some or all of these coffin pokers the SDF will now send that expert ranger tailored for this specific job. Until then let’s do some poking around of our own and find out as much as we can before they get here.’ I stopped talking when all of a sudden another path forked off to the side, I looked below and saw the dusty ground had been recently agitated. ‘Over here, let’s see where this one leads.’

A smaller more protected chamber revealed itself to us where a makeshift campfire had been pieced together from what looked like broken pieces of sandstone and fed with scraps of paper. What stood out the most was the various pieces of abandoned equipment that littered the room.

‘What was the point of bringing all this equipment if you was just going to leave it lying around.’ Carl stated going through some of the stuff.

‘I don’t blame them, especially with that thing running around. You’re not exactly going to carry all this shit when your life is on the line.’ Jessica stated taking a seat near what looked like a rucksack. ‘Hey! Look what I found.’

‘What is it?’ I asked moving closer to her to get a better view.

‘Looks like a diary of some sorts.’ she replied opening the cover to investigate. ‘I might as well read it seen as though it’s in my hands now.’

Diary Entry 1

I am writing this diary to record our findings at the excavation site situated deep in the Arabian desert. The government of Oman had initially hired me to search the deserted dunes of the Arabian desert for underwater reservoirs to help the local agricultural industry. After two weeks of trudging through soft sand with my team we stumbled upon the entrance of the initial cave. We called the government and requested their support to excavate the site. Within a few days multiple teams of diggers had arrived with their shovels and began to unearth the entrance of this cave. It wasn't long until it was safe enough for us to explore. Please note the names of everyone involved have been redacted at the request of the Government of Oman.

Diary Entry 2

One of the men working on the team discovered a fissure in the wall of the cave leading to a bigger structure. The other members of the dig team began to argue over the nature of the structure. They concluded the structure was home to some sort of creatures who go by the name of djinn. But that’s all just superstitious nonsense these people have come up with over the years to dissuade people from exploring these lands in search for resources. I managed to contact a team of British archaeologists stationed at the University of Cairo in Egypt who were willing to take the lead exploring the hidden caves under the non-disclosure agreement set out by the Government of Oman. They agreed to fly over as soon as possible.

Diary Entry 3

The archaeology team have arrived with all their fancy equipment and taken the lead on how to approach the expedition. Most of the dig team have left us, too convoluted in their superstitious tales of the supposed demons that live in these lonely caves. At least these archaeologist are of sound mind and cant wait to be the first people to explore the cold bosom of these pre-historic ruins.

After a while we discovered a structure of some sorts, upon closer inspection of the architecture it was noted by one of the older members of the team that the construction dated further back in time than the ancient pyramids of Giza. I wonder what secrets this place holds for us all to unravel. After a short safety inspection by the team we were cleared to enter the belly of this beast.

Diary Entry 4

The archaeologist are confused. The doorway lead us through a main chamber then down an endless path of caves leading to absolutely nowhere by the looks of it. Why was it built here? And why did these people dig a massive tunnel that seems to go on for ever. These questions still have to be answered, surely there is more to this place than what meets the eye.

Diary Entry 5

Jackpot. We just hit an absolute goldmine of history with what we just discovered. This is going to shake the entire archaeological world. Once we arrived at the end of the tunnel we noticed the cave had somewhat collapsed upon itself. After a few hours of carefully clearing the debris it opened up to a massive chamber, large enough to fit an entire town within. The remains of what looked like bipedal humanoid creatures littered the area almost perfectly preserved in the closed time capsule of the ruins. Could this be another human ancestor? Or are these humanoids from a completely different genome?

Diary Entry 6

Damn it. I believe we have discovered something far more sinister here. One of the archaeologists got a bit too close to an object that resembled an egg of some sorts. He cracked it open only to discover a perfectly preserved insect the size of a dog. Before anyone could take a closer at the creature it leaped forward at the man inspecting it and stabbed him with it’s spear-like tail right in the belly button. The man shrieked and screamed in pain as the creature deposited some kind of object from itself through it’s tail like a tube in to the man. The other members managed to yank it off and kill it with a stone. Without a proper medical professional here I believe he may die soon. We should have just left this place when we noticed the bodies and called for a bigger team to survey the find. Demotivated we are now heading back the way we came.

Diary Entry 7

I cant believe what I have just witnessed. The archaeologist who had been attacked by that creature died a few hours ago. His wound seemed to be stable with no further blood loss after one of the others managed to create a makeshift fire from bits of stone and whatever fuel we could find in our backpacks. He heated a small bowie knife and closed the wound. It made no sense but we covered his body to calm our nerves. A while later we returned to only discover the body had disappeared leaving only a trail of liquid as black and thick like tar. What’s more strange are these ghastly noises reverberating around the cold walls of this hellish tomb. What on earth is going on here?

Diary Entry 8

We are all going to die. It’s coming for us. If anyone finds this ple…

‘And that is where it ends.’ Jessica stated passing me the diary to inspect.

‘Looks like we stumbled on some kind of Prometheus level shit here.’ Brian replied as he readied his weapon.

I took images of the entries and sent them to HQ along with a message to send for more help. I just hoped it got to where it needed and back up was coming. ‘Right, we’re going to rest up here for a moment here then head down that long ass tunnel and see what the hell is going on down there. Hopefully by then some reinforcements arrive. I didn’t like the sound of them diary entries one bit.’ The others nodded in agreement and we sat down and rested our tired bodies. Brian took the first watch as the rest of us got some much needed shut eye.

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