I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters: Mission 2 Part 4

We composed ourselves and caught our breath for a moment in some much needed silence. The rattling and tapping from the swarm of them vile belly busters slowly faded away. Jessica and I found ourselves at the end of another corridor that lead in to darkness. The lights in this section must have succumbed to the passage of time. We both decided to not risk the restricted view from the night vision mode and instead use the LED’s to light our path. About twenty metres ahead of us at the other end another door stared back at us. A blue light illuminated above it’s head as if to say ‘come here’.

‘We need to move from here, them things wont rest until they get to us. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t trust the integrity of this place to feel safe enough just sitting around here. There’s clearly someone else here who just saved our necks and judging from the way the light above that door illuminated that is where they want us to go next.’ I explained breaking the silence.

‘Do you think it could be one of them archaeologists holding out somewhere in here?’ Jessica asked taking a look at the scraps of ammunition she had left. ‘Don’t exactly have much ammo left.’ She showed me three magazines of handgun and half that for her rifle.

‘We cant say for certain until we go further. Besides, I bet you’re glad you left that sniper rifle at home.’ I grinned before looking at the scraps I had left, ‘Don't exactly have much ammo myself. Let’s see if I can get some sort of signal in here to contact the others.’

I tapped the screen on my PDA to open a channel to the others. ‘This is McCarthy. Brian, Carl do you copy? Over.’

A moment passed before a crackled voice penetrated the silence. ‘This is Brian. McCarthy I hear you loud and clear, although there is a bit of noise in the background. What’s your sit rep, we heard a whole lotta commotion.’

‘Yeah, we got ourselves in to a little bit of a pickle. Keep your eyes peeled there’s a metric shit ton of them little fuckers crawling about, maybe one or two of the big ones. We’re kind of stuck inside a strange structure. We’re trying to get out of here.’

‘Affirmative. Do you want one of us to come and help? Over.’ Carl interrupted.

‘Negative. Just guard that entrance, like I said this situation is getting more out of control the more we investigate. Me and Jessica will find a way out of this. We think one of them archaeologists might’ve survived and is holding out in the control room. Over.’ I ordered, there was no reason for them to put themselves at further risk especially with that swarm lurking around.

Brian and Carl both agreed before the channel went dead.

Me and Jessica took in an astronomical breath each before inching closer to the other end. I took point and Jessica had my back as we approached the door. We didn't know exactly what to expect from this damned place. We were both tired and succumbing to the trauma of this mission. I just wanted to get it all over and done with so I could get back home and have a nice warm shower to wash away the blood sweat and tears on this shit show.

The bulkhead instantly swung open like one of them automatic doors you see at the shopping malls to an area what looked liked another large chamber. I gave Jessica a quick glance before we both made our way in.

One by one the lights in the room flickered back to life revealing a plethora of metallic terminals and chairs overlooking a large screen that overlooked the rocky surface of the cave. ‘Doesn’t look like anyone’s home.’ I stated turning to face Jessica. She tapped me on the shoulder and silently motioned for me to look towards the far end of the room.

We both stared down the scopes of our rifles and aimed the red dot’s of our scopes at the bizarre sight. A grey metallic sphere levitated above a strange white aura, hiding behind one of the terminals. It hesitantly moved to the side to reveal something that resembled an arsenal of camera’s and sensors similar to the new smartphones that contained multiple camera’s. A blue light rhythmically flashed as it slowly inched closer to us as if it was afraid.

‘Don’t move!’ Jessica shouted releasing the safety of her rifle.

The sphere responded by flinching back and the blue led began to beat faster as it hid itself further.

‘Jessica! Put your weapon down. I don’t think this thing is a threat.’ I ordered before relaxing my weapon and slowly moving closer with my arms up. If it wanted to cause us harm it would have done that by now. ‘Easy now. Look, I’m not going to hurt you.’

The sphere peaked out again from behind the console and once it thought it realised we weren't a threat it began to move out again and came closer to me until it levitated a meter from me at head height. One of the instrument from it’s cluster opened and four laser beams scanned me from head to toe. I felt a strange reverberation throughout my entire body as the hairs going down my neck stiffened. The beams moved closer to my PDA just as the lights on my suit began to flicker before powering down.

‘What the fuck is it doing?’ Jessica asked clutching the grip of her rifle, ready to fire in case shit hit the fan. I knew she was just as freaked out as I was.

‘We’ll it just scanned me now it’s fucking around with my suit.’ I replied when all of a sudden my suit powered up once again. I sighed in relief just as an unknown channel opened within my communication app. ‘Err, hello…?’ I called out in confusion.

The sphere moved back to head height, ‘Who are you?’ a neutral voice asked.

‘Wait a second, are talking to me through my comms?’ I asked.

‘Yes that is correct. I am what you people refer to as an artificial intelligence. I scanned your electronic device and learned your language along with how to communicate with you. I’m sorry for the inconvenience as I had to reset your suit in order to boot the changes to your device.’ The sphere explained.

‘Awesome. Now that explains why I powered down. Well I’m glad you found a way for us to communicate. So, we were sent here to investigate the disappearance of some of our people who had stumbled upon some of your nasty friends.’

‘I assure you they are not my friends. They were created by the enemies of the people that created me. This ship was carrying these creatures as prisoners. We were ambushed just as we neared your solar system and crash landed here approximately 134,376 years 244 days, 7 hours and 56 seconds ago. My creators are now all dead due to the efforts of one of these creatures who had escaped during the ambush. My creators all lie dead within the cave and were used as incubators to reproduce more creatures.’

‘I understand. That’s a whole lotta time you’ve spent down here on your own. How did you survive all that time.’

‘This ship is made from an alloy that can withstand the test of time. My exoskeleton is made from the exact same material. Besides, I was in hibernation mode for most of that time until a week ago when my proximity sensors had been activated. The ship’s power core will not last much longer. Once that occurs it wont be long until the other creatures are released from their slumber.

‘Hold on a second there. So you’re telling me there's more of them creatures on this ship?’

‘Affirmative. Some are far worse than the creatures you have already faced.’

I turned to face Jessica who looked just as stunned as I did. Either we were tripping ball’s on some kind of weird cave fungus or we actually just stumbled upon some space beef that's been broiling for millions of years. My head hurt and this entire mission just kept on surprising the hell out of the both of us. I could tell by Jessica's face she just wanted to get home and forget this ever happened. I faced the sphere, ‘So how do we go about preventing them other creatures from escaping?’

‘If you take me to the engine room I can force the engine in to a feedback loop and self destruct with what little power it has left.’

‘How big of an explosion are we talking. As long as it’s not “Death-Star” level destruction I think it’s a good idea. There’s over seven billion people living on this planet so I kind of have to make sure.’ I explained raising my eyebrows.

‘Do not worry. There will be enough energy collected in the shield capacitors during the feedback loop to create a barrier seconds before the explosion to take the brunt of the explosion.’

‘Alright. And what about you?’ I asked, surely the sphere had a plan on what it was going to do after the blast.

‘My mission will be complete there will be no further use to me. I will die in the explosion.’

‘Look here. I’m not going to let you kill yourself. Maybe you can help us take care of some monsters of our own. We are plagued by creatures like this all the time. You probably already know, seen as though you scanned my PDA. Help us to save lives here on earth. Maybe at some point we can get you back to your creators.’

The sphere took a moment to think about it’s decision before giving us it’s answer, ‘I agree to your terms.’ The sphere moved back when all of a sudden a siren began to sound. The light switched from blue to red. And the flashing blue light on the sphere began to race faster than my heartbeat. Something strange was happening within the ship.

‘Once of my sensors has tripped in the prisoner holding chamber. Them creatures are moving towards the control unit for the cryogenic chambers where the prisoners are kept. If they destroy the relays before this ship explodes our mission will have been for nothing.’

‘Damn it. Tell us where we need to go.’ I shouted when the small map displayed in my visor began to populate the unknown areas of the ship and the fastest route to our destination had been outlined. ‘Now that is what I’m talking about. Get behind us.’ I finished before we readied our weapons and marched forward.

We navigated the maze of corridors to the engine room where a giant column cut through the centre of the room. On both sides stood terminals obviously connected to the structure via a web of illuminated fibre optic cables. The sphere moved to the closest one and began to transmit data back and fourth. About five minutes later it was done. The feedback loop had been initiated and the capacitors had been set to charge energy until a few seconds before the explosion. According to the sphere the resulting explosion would have just been felt on the outside as a minor earthquake. Lucky for us there was hardly anyone living in this part of the desert. I was about to ask what was the quickest way out of here when all of a sudden the sphere turned around and the LED upon it’s face began to flash faster again. It turned and connected to the terminal once more.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘The surviving creatures are currently trying to destroy the cryogenic relay that is keeping the prisoners at bay. We must prevent that from occurring or else our plan would have been for nothing.’ The sphere warned us before marking the quickest way to the cryogenic relay on the map.

As soon as we arrived, I noticed a swarm of belly busters gnawing and clawing at the metal wall where I assumed the relay was situated. From the damage I could see on the wall I guessed it was only a matter of moments before the wall caved in and exposed the heart of the relay. Jessica moved to my side before we both aimed our rifles at the swarm before letting loose a volley of well placed shots. As soon as the first shot was fired a small group of the creatures broke off from the main body and concentrated their efforts on derailing our mission. Their effort was futile as we took them out with ease.

It all seemed to go well, well that is until one of the large metal grates from the ceiling came crashing down, nearly knocking the both us out cold. Countless years of training for situations like this kept us alive as we barely managed to dodge it. Adrenaline raced throughout my body and just as we were about to begin firing again a loud screech emerged from the darkness of the vent above. One of the big ones jumped out and landed between the two of us. Deep wounds scattered along it’s body where the grenade I let loose earlier had sliced it’s tarry skin.

The creature swung it’s razor sharp claws at Jessica who leaped back and hit the wall of the corridor. I finally got an opening that was safe enough and fired a few shot’s into it’s head that caused it to shift it’s attention to me for a moment. This gave Jessica a moment to move away and come stand next to me.

‘I’m running out of ammo and you’re probably in the same boat.’ I shouted.

‘What do you suggest.’ Jessica replied providing some covering fire as we backed up.

‘There’s no way we can fight the big guy and the little ones at the same time. We need to fall back and regroup with the others. On my mark we run.’ I loaded a grenade in to the launcher and pressed the trigger. It impacted the ceiling and exploded. The metal grates upon the ceiling rained down upon the smaller creatures squashing them like pancakes. Whilst another grate hit the larger creature in the head knocking it to the floor. That was our chance at escape, ‘Now! Let’s get out of here.’ I screamed before we legged it out of there.

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