I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Part 2

I spent the next five minutes fighting the pain away as the morphine did its thing. The sky had darkened to the point it became impossible to see further than ten meters, the shadows of the trees only adding to my disadvantage. Without any sort of night vision gear this situation had gone from being bad to worse. Just my bad fucking luck. But I was determined to get out of this alive. In the distance, I heard the humming of a helicopter as it flew into audible range.

The rustling of trees and fauna caught my attention as multiple footsteps closed in. With my sight still blurred, I aimed my rifle through the space between the trees where six dark silhouettes emerged through the fingertips of bushes. Their attention was fixated on the deceased body of their kin before suddenly turning towards me with anger in their gleaming amber eyes. I’m fucked.

All six of these creatures were larger and looked more intimidating than the one I had killed earlier. I couldn’t see much in the dark, so it’s difficult for me to explain what they looked like. Without hesitation I flicked the rifle in to fully automatic and squeezed the trigger. Silver rained down upon their swift movements as they neared. Most of my shot’s missed their mark. Within a few seconds, only two had not met their end. I realized no more bullets were being fired from my rifle, my magazine had run dry. Shit! By the time it was reloaded I would have most likely met my end so I went for the pistol only to realize I had dropped it in the struggle with the first one.

‘Fuck!’ I screamed, seconds before they extracted their revenge.

I closed my eyes and took a final breath of air and prepared to meet my end. Bang! Bang! The sound of two high caliber shots ripped through the air. I squinted my eyes open to the sight of the creatures crashing into the dirt next to my boots with giant gaping holes through their heads. I had been saved just in the nick of time. If they arrived just a second later, I would have been in the morgue come morning. I sighed in relief as I discovered the helicopter hovering above my head, the barrel of a sniper rifle sticking out the side. My radio crackled with a tone; I clicked a button on the PDA to accept the call.

‘McCarthy, you alright down there?’ The voice of the British guy asked.

‘Could be better,’ I sighed nearly out of breath, ‘just get your people down here before I bleed out.’

The medics patched me up before rushing me to the nearest military hospital where they conducted some tests. The battle with the creatures had left me with heavy bruising, three broken ribs and a nice scar where one of the metal plates in my armor had lodged itself in my belly. The Doctors advised me to take it easy for a few months and discharged me. I called an uber and made my way back home.

Once I arrive, I noticed a black SUV waiting for me in the driveway. A man in a black suit asked me to get in. Once inside I noticed a man sitting in the other rear passenger seat.

‘I’m glad you made it, Mr McCarthy. It would have been a shame to lose you so early on.’ It was the same man I had been in contact with over the phone.

‘Yeah, me too. So, I finally get to meet you in the flesh.’ I smirked. ‘The doctors have told me to take it easy for a while so don’t expect me to be in action anytime soon.’

‘I know.’ He said passing me a thick envelope. ‘Ten grand as promised. But before I let you go there’s something, I need to tell you.’

‘Yeah, what is it?’ I asked curious to know more.

‘We retrieved the bodies of the creatures and sent them back to the SDF for analysis. The research team conducted some test’s on their bodies as they didn’t match anything they had on their records. There was evidence that their DNA markers had been tampered with.’

‘Wait… so what your trying to say is that they were created by someone?’ I was dumbfounded at the idea that some sick asshole actually went out of his way to make these bloodthirsty creatures.

‘Exactly. Someone genetically spliced the DNA of multiple creatures and modified it to be far superior than what you would normally encounter.’

‘For fucks sake. That means there could be more attacks. That dick’s still out there.’ I nodded my head in disapproval, more people’s lives would be at stake if this person kept creating more monsters.

‘Yeah. Get yourself back in shape and I will be in contact with you in the coming months.’

‘Alright, thanks for the prompt payment.’ I waved him goodbye as the SUV made it’s way out of the estate. I made my way to the door and opened it with my key.

My children jumped me just as I entered, feeling a sharp pain in my ribs. ‘Take it easy kiddos. I’m not feeling too good.’ I said gritting my teeth holding the pain back. I hugged and kissed my wife, passing her the large envelope of cash, she snatched it out of my hand before I could react. It was the only way to keep her from flipping her shit. Well, at least we had enough money to pay off our debt. My wife made me a nice warm meal before I hit the bed to recover.

A month had passed and I began to freely move around without feeling the pain of my injuries. I decided to join the gym and get fit once more. I also started practicing at the shooting range knowing full well my specialist skills would be needed in the future. I just couldn’t believe the stupidity of some people. Why would they want to make the world a more dangerous place by creating dangerous monsters? Assholes.

A few months had passed, we were running out of cash and times were becoming difficult again. I was about to hit the deck late in the evening as I usually did when my phone rang. As I went to answer I recognized the number right off the bat. It was that posh British guy again.

‘Hello?’ I answered moving into the conservatory.

‘It’s me again. We have a situation, are you ready to be picked up?’ He stumbled his words in a rush as if something big had gone down.

I couldn’t contain my excitement, ‘Count me in.’

Now I know what you guys are going to say, but fighting these monsters gives me a buzz. The SUV is now parked outside, ready to pick me up. Once I get back, I will be sure to keep you all updated.

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