I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Part 3

The SUV took me to a farmhouse after a 2-hour journey. Once there the men in the black suits told me to head on inside. As I approached the door, I noticed that other vehicles sat upon the grassy patch before the fields of corn began. I entered the building only to be greeted by the British guy who had been waiting for my arrival.

‘Glad you got here in good time. The others are waiting.’

‘Others?’ I asked.

‘Yeah... you’re going to need back up where you’re going.’ He sighed before taking me into a large room where two men and a woman sat around a large wooden table.

Jessica Stone, the sniper who had saved me from a horrific demise at the hands of the creatures in the forest, greeted me with a nod. I had met her once before whilst working at the SDF, she was working with the Ranger unit on a top-secret mission that I wasn’t apart. From what I knew of her she was very skilled in her marksmanship.

The other two were new to me. A younger-looking man who looked like he was a special forces operative. The other, a middle-aged African American guy who was built like a tank. I sat in one of the vacant seats and waited for the British guy to begin his mission briefing.

‘Right, all of you are here. Some of you have met before but for those who haven’t you’ll have plenty of time to greet each other later. You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you here on short notice so I’ll get to the point. A few months ago, we discovered that someone was genetically engineered creatures. We don’t know the reason why nor do we know their motives. The SDF has conducted a thorough investigation and concluded that samples from various creatures had gone missing around the same time that one of their research staff had left the agency. We finally have the co-ordinates of his lab; your job is to secure it and gather any intel on where he could be. A Transport helicopter will arrive to take you there in 15. Any questions.’

‘Yeah,’ I put my hand up, ‘my armor was heavily damaged last time. Could also do with some better weapons.’

‘The SDF has given us four of their mark 2 ranger suits. They’ve been custom built to your specifications along with some of their state-of-the-art weaponry. If you’ll all follow me to the other room.’ He finished before leading us to the room next door.

As I entered the room behind the others, I noticed four suits resting upon armor stands. We all got changed into the suits and instantly noticed they were lighter and more comfortable than all current variants of body armor. The helmets covered our full faces and had a large curved visor which displayed a heads-up display along with settings for night and thermal vision. I had heard of these suits but never seen them in the flesh, all the SDF Rangers wore these suits now as standard.

Across the room was a large glass weapons case filled to the brim with rifles, attachments, and ammunition. I picked out a modified mark 17 with a red dot scope, a better grip, and a small grenade launcher. I noticed a familiar pistol, the M1911 and took it too along with ammunition for my weapons. Jessica picked the Barrett XM109, I guess it was a better choice for her slender body than the .50 caliber due to less kickback. Brian Anthony, the big tank picked out a Benelli M3 super 90 along with a few boxes of ammunition. Carl Walker, the spec ops guy chose to go with a mk16, similar to the mark 17 except it used 5.56 rounds rather than a 7.62. According to him, he preferred accuracy and a larger magazine over firepower.

The four of us moved outside as an MV-22 Osprey prepared to land in the large space in front of the farmhouse. We all got aboard before setting off.

‘I heard you served in the SDF.’ Carl inquired after pressing a button on his helmet to switch his comms on.

‘Yeah, I left a few years back. I’m sorry I don’t know much about you guys except for Jessica.’ I replied.

‘I was in the Navy Seals for five years before leaving last summer. That British guy called me and asked if I was up for a mission. I was itching for some action so I decided to take him up on his offer. That big guy over there is Brian, we both were in the same unit back in the Navy. He’s a decent guy although can be quiet sometimes. He’ll be alright once he gets to know the two of you. By the way, who’s the girl?’

‘That’s Jessica, an expert sniper. Saved my ass a few months ago whilst I was on a mission.’

‘Awesome. Do you know long until we get there?’

‘No idea. I hope we get there soon. I need a piss.’ I jokingly laughed.

An hour had passed, we finally arrived at an old concrete complex surrounded by nothing but endless woodland. The helicopter hovered above a clearing big enough to land before dropping down to the ground.

We all jumped out weapons drawn, surveyed our surroundings before clearing the Osprey for take-off. Everyone switched their radio’s on before we advanced upon the entrance of the structure. A large bulkhead door prevented us from entering. Carl removed the fascia plate on the intercom and began to fiddle with the wires until a click behind the wall sounded. Brian opened the door, aiming his shotgun into the darkness that laid before us, leading us in. After the light from the entrance faded, we switched to night vision.

A long hallway took us to a large chamber where multiple computers and screens were smashed up littering the floor. The place was a complete mess as if everyone had just left in a hurry.

‘Whoever was here left in a hurry and destroyed their equipment.’ Carl said.

‘Yeah. Unless something went wrong with their experiments. Keep your eyes peeled and weapons at the ready.’ I said turning to face another open door that leads deeper. We entered and discovered five lifeless bodies of research staff that had been torn limb from limb covered in puddles of dried crusty decayed blood. The disgusting aroma that filled the air was a hundred times worse than the horrific sight before us.

I observed the bodies closely, trying to figure out what we were dealing with. That was when a loud screech emanated from one of the connecting rooms followed by a plethora of growls, howls and unnatural sounds. ‘Shit. We’ve got company. Ready your weapons. Aim for the heads and keep your distance.’ I warned the others as the bloodthirsty creatures closed in on our position. I switched my weapon into the burst fire setting and waited for the enemy to appear.

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