I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Part 4

The silhouettes of deformed creatures emerged from the dark depths of the corridor. Jessica fired her rifle, the first wave of creatures hit the cold concrete floor covered with chunks of brain. ‘Need to reload,’ she stated after emptying her magazine and moving a few steps back.

A dozen more trudged through the lifeless bodies of their friends towards us. I stepped forward along with Carl and let loose a shower of silver bullets. ‘Brian, you stay back until we need to reload then cover us with the shotgun.’

‘Alright,’ Brian agreed stepping to the side, to wait for his turn.

After about a minute or so our magazines had run dry, we moved a few steps back and reloaded whilst Brian pummeled them with silver buckshot, once his seven shells had been spent, Carl and I got back to work.

In the distance, I noticed the outline of a skinny female. Her long dark hair covered her torso and her shriveled up skin looked like the scales of a lizard. Her long stretched out arms along with razor-sharp talons at her fingertips resembled spears ‘Fuck! Keep your distance. That siren’s scream is powerful enough to pop your eardrums out of existence.’ We all took a few steps back.

‘Let me have a shot at her head.’ Jessica stated before aiming her rifle at the siren's head and squeezing the trigger.

Before the bullet could hit her, the siren screamed launching a powerful shock-wave in our direction, it knocked us all back off our feet on to the hard concrete floor. The silver bullet had ricocheted off the shock-wave and hit the wall behind us. Now, I’ve killed a few sirens back when I was a ranger in the SDF but I have never faced one this powerful. The immense power of that attack caused cracks to appear in the face of the reinforced walls and small chunks to hit the ground from the ceiling. Whoever had created this creature knew exactly what they were doing.

A deafening silence filled my ears before I slowly regained my composure and sat up aiming my rifle at the siren, it edged closer to us. My other teammates were still knocked out, using the already weakened ceiling to my advantage I loaded a 40mm grenade into my launcher and aimed the shot at its weakest point. Once the siren was directly under I squeezed the trigger. The explosion sent large chunks of the ceiling along with steel rods down upon the petite body of the abomination, squashing it like a pancake.

‘What the fuck was that?’ Carl asked getting up.

‘That was unlike any siren I have encountered. It was so powerful it knocked us a few feet back. We’re lucky we were wearing these helmets otherwise we were going to be dead.’ I replied keeping my aim on the rubble in case any other creatures appeared.

‘That shock-wave nearly send all of us out of existence.’ Brian laughed wiping away the dust off his suit before reloading more shells into his shotgun.

‘You alright Jessica?’ I asked but received no reply. I went over to her after motioning the two others to keep an eye on the rubble. ‘Hey, Jessica you alright?’ I nearly shouted.

‘I can’t hear you! What are you saying?’ She asked with a raised voice, removing her helmet.

‘Oh, shit.’ I yelled, ‘Your ears are bleeding.’

‘I said I can’t hear you.’ She repeated.

I motioned to her ears and she touched the blood before staring at her crimson hand.

‘For fuck's sake!’ She screamed wiping the blood away with a small tissue.

I clicked the screen on my wrist-mounted PDA and hailed the British guy’s frequency.

‘Hello?’ The British guy called out.

‘We just engaged a group of creatures, amongst them was an extremely powerful siren. Jessica got caught in the shock-wave and needs medical assistance ASAP.’

‘Alright, I’ll send a medical extraction team to you within the hour. Have you gathered any intel on the enemy?’ He asked.

‘Not as of yet. We are currently observing the siren in case she makes a comeback. Never know exactly what these people have fucked around with. We can’t take any chances; we’ll radio back once we have conducted a thorough investigation.’

‘Alright, stay safe. I will call you once the medical evacuation team is in the air.’ He finished before the line went dead.

The next half an hour was spent walking around the complex in search of any information we could find. We discovered a large lab where the embryos of the creatures were being incubated along with a facility for splicing DNA.

‘This is fucking disgusting.’ Carl snarled.

‘Whoever is behind this obviously has a lot of money to finance an operation such as this.’ I replied as I noticed a small dot in the corner of the ceiling. ‘Look over there, CCTV. Someone’s watching us.’

Carl and Brian turned to take a look at the camera.

‘There must still be power in this facility. If we find a fuse box, I might be able to get power back on to the lights and computers.’ Brian started looking around for wires and cables that could lead us there.

‘Let’s split up. Brian and Carl, you guys try to get the power back online. Me and Jessica will try to find some more intel on what going.’ The others agreed to my plan and we went to complete our objectives.

‘What’s going on?’ Jessica asked, still deaf.

I typed a message on the PDA and sent it to her. I motioned to her to check her PDA, she read it and agreed. It had been about twenty minutes until the light switched back on about the same time, I had found a room containing a multitude of servers.

‘Carl, you there?’ I asked over the radio.

‘Yeah, is the power back on?’

‘Positive, we’ve found a server room. I’m assuming this is where they keep all their data. It’s a lot larger than I thought it would be for a complex this size.’

‘Alright, we’re heading back to you now.’ Carl finished.

It took them about ten minutes to reach the room. Carl booted the main computer of the servers up and began scouring the hard drives for information. He called the British guy from his PDA and began explaining what he saw.

‘Look’s like this facility is a lot bigger than we initially thought. We’re on the first level. There are three more levels, getting bigger as you go down. There’s more to this place than we initially thought.’ He said when suddenly lines of code began to appear on the screen. ‘Fuck! Someone’s hacking the server. I’m going to begin transferring data over to you before they delete it all.’ He plugged in a small USB to his PDA and began the wireless transfer.

Only half of the data was transferred before everything was deleted.

‘That’s all I could transfer.’ Carl frowned at the screen.

‘I’ll send this data to the SDF to investigate. The evac should be there in the next five minutes.’ The British guy said when the lights all turned off.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘It looks as though the building is going into lock-down mode.’

‘Damn it. We’re not going to be able to get out, are we?’ I asked looking at the screen where I saw the words “Lock-down Initiated”.

Carl typed endless lines of code into the computer. ‘If I can hack the system, I can maybe fool it into lifting the lock-down.’ His efforts were useless apart from the unlocking of a door. It led deeper into the facility. ‘Fuck.’ He punched the computer screen in anger causing a crack to appear.

‘There might be a secondary way out in the lower levels.’ I suggested.

‘Yeah, but we don’t have a clue what’s down there.’ He sighed. ‘So, what do you want us to do?’ He asked over the radio.

‘Investigate the lower levels whilst I sort something out from my end.’ He finished before leaving us in the dark.

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