I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Part 5

We doubled back to the door where we entered the building to check if it was open since Carl had hacked the intercom, it was locked shut. The lock-down must close all door’s via the electronically controlled system they used. So, with no other option we made our way to the staircase leading to the lower levels where an electronically controlled bulkhead stood a few inches open.

‘Keep your gun’s at the ready, we don’t know what’s in there.’ I warned the others.

Carl stayed back with Jessica and explained the situation with a few gestures before we advanced further into the bowels of this mysterious complex. The lower level was considerably larger than the section that was above ground level. Row’s of lab’s littered the corridors vacant of any living souls. Tables and chairs had been thrown around and most of the equipment had been smashed up beyond repair.

‘Well this place looks worse than what we saw upstairs.’ Carl stated.

‘Yeah. I think whatever they were experimenting on must have escaped causing a site wide evacuation.’ I replied glancing around.

‘There’s no corpses or any sign of struggle except all this big mess, which means either they all escaped or something even more bizarre happened here.’ Brian said before something caught his attention. ‘Look over there.’ He pointed out. ‘A doorway.’

We all turned to take a look with Jessica understanding the situation moments later. A set of double doors lead us to a section of the level where a multitude of high security lab’s rested. Large bomb-proof glass panels protected us from a variety of bloodthirsty creatures behind them, each in their own locked cell’s. At the sight of us they began hurling themselves towards the glass, bashing it with their malformed fists leaving disgusting stains of slime and blood upon its surface. Some even bashed their heads in order to break through, their efforts were all in vein as the reinforced prison they were in did an exceptional job at holding them back.

‘Fuck!’ Carl stated, ‘So these are the creatures they were creating.’

‘Yeah,’ I replied, ‘it looks like a group of them had been in the chambers together and left to fight each other to the death.’ I added pointing to the mess of corpses on the floor.

‘Survival of the fittest.’ Brian added, ‘These assholes were creating super monsters. Let’s look around and see if there’s a kill switch, surely they must have one as a security measure.’

‘Good idea.’ I replied.

We looked around for some time but there was no kill switch. It was as if these cells were just designed for one purpose, to create the strongest monsters in existence. We found a small locked office in the far end of the room where a security card was needed to proceed further.

‘The only way to get through there is with the security card.’ Carl said, ‘I can try hacking it but it won’t be any good with the lock-down in place. Might trigger a complete shutdown. Could result in all the creatures being let out.’

‘Alright.’ I agreed, ‘let’s split up and look around for a key card that can get us in. These scientist left in a hurry so let’s assume they left their things behind as any normal person would when in a life or death emergency scenario. Keep your radio’s online, Carl you go with Jessica since she’s having hearing issues. If you find something radio back.’ Everyone agreed to the plan and we set out to look for the key card.

After a tedious hour of scavenging every last nook and cranny of the level I finally received word from Carl that he and Jessica had found a key card in the ladies restroom. It had been left in a handbag presumably belonging to one of the doctors who had worked in this facility. We all met back up at the door and crossed our fingers it would work. The lock clicked once the card touched the screen.

‘Abracadabra baby.’ Carl grinned. ‘We’re in.’

Inside the small room there was a desk along with a heap of paperwork and a laptop. Carl disconnected it from the network and began searching the hard drive for any information relating to the experiments that were being conducted. What we found shocked all of us to our bone.

We discovered blueprints for a biological weapon designed to mutate and override normal brain function. Which would result in normal people being transformed into the hideous creatures that were locked up in the laboratory cell’s. We also discovered that all the creatures in the cell’s were human at one point and were subjected to the bio-weapon for testing purposes. I don’t know about the others but that just made me sick to my stomach.

‘Fucking disgusting. They were normal people at one point.’ I snarled.

‘It’s just unbelievable. Let me transfer this data back to base, I can’t look at this shit no more.’ Carl frowned, connecting his PDA to the computer before transferring the files.

Jessica walked a few steps back before turning around to throw up. Brian looked as though he was about to do the same. I don’t blame them; the contents of my breakfast were also about to make a comeback. Once the files had successfully been transferred an error message pooped up on the screen.

“Unauthorized file transfer detected… Initiate protocol alpha.”

‘Fuck. What’s protocol alpha?’ Carl said seconds before we heard a multitude of locking mechanisms click open.

‘Oh shit. The lab doors have opened. Weapons at the ready, don’t take any chances. Aim for the heads and conserve your ammo.’ I shouted aiming my rifle down the long hallway, where the monstrosities began to flood it with a furious hunger.

They moved faster and more precise than any creature I had ever seen, some even dodged our bullets with ease. Brian moved forward with his shotgun and unloaded a heap of shells, which did absolutely nothing to some of them. I loaded another grenade into my launcher and let it lose at a group of creatures. Some fell upon the tiled floor but the others began to regenerate and continued on their pilgrimage for our blood.

Out of twenty, only four creatures remained by the time they reached the door. Now, these bastards were a giant pain in our asses, kept dodging whatever we threw at them. I couldn’t afford to use another grenade in such a short distance as it would only lead to doing more damage to ourselves.

The creatures leaped on top of us, using their arms and hands as batons to beat us down. We all ended up on the floor as the struggle became close quarters. It was four of us versus four genetically modified monsters.

With all my strength I had managed to grab hold of the creatures neck and keep it away from biting a chunk of my helmet off. On a number of occasions, it had managed to dig it’s teeth trough the reinforced visor and crack it leaving streams of disgusting brown saliva. I had no choice but to hold it back with one hand and to go for my pistol. When I had finally managed to grab hold of it, I shoved the barrel of the gun down it’s throat and pressed the trigger before the lifeless body of the creature feel upon me. I jumped to my feet and shot the brains of the others, painting the walls in a layer of crimson.

‘Fucking hell! I would have been dead if it wasn’t for you.’ Carl sighed.

Brian looked completely like he’d lost his shit and didn’t say a word except for the weird shivering and heavy breathing. Jessica cried her eyes out after chucking her saliva filled helmet away to the side.

‘We need to find a way out of here.’ I sighed. ‘If the scientist’s managed to get out then we sure as hell can as well.’

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