I am a sub-contractor for an agency that fights monsters Part 6

We quickly treated our injuries and reloaded our weapons. We were beginning to run low on ammunition. Only god knows what else this place has in store for us. I just wanted to get out of here, and I’m a hundred percent sure the others were of like mind. I helped Jessica and the others get cleaned up, we sorted our helmets out before I pressed a button on the PDA and called HQ.

‘HQ, do you copy? Over.’ I called out.

‘This is HQ, Loud and clear. What’s your situation?’ The British guy replied.

‘These assholes were developing a bio-weapon capable of mutating normal human beings into creatures. Then locking them up with each other to find the strongest. I recommend immediate extraction and to level this place to smithereens. We can’t afford to let this bio-weapon get out in the open.’ I explained, something this dangerous had the potential to single handily cause the mass extinction of mankind.

The British guy went quiet for a moment before replying, ‘request for airstrike is pending. I will get back to you as soon as I can once there is an update. Meanwhile, the SDF have been tirelessly working to decrypt the information you sent to us. They have discovered a secret train-line that leads to a bunker a few miles away. I think that’s your best bet out of there.’

‘We’re running low on ammo; I don’t think we’ll have any left if we encounter more waves of creatures.’ I explained checking the few magazines I had left.

‘Getting to that tunnel is your best chance at getting out of there. I’ll get back to you once the airstrike has been approved.’ The British guy finished with a sincere tone.

‘Damn it. There’s two more levels of this bullshit before we get to the train line.’ Carl said, clearly looking frustrated at this whole situation.

‘Yeah,’ I sighed, ‘but it’s our only chance at getting out of here before they level the place.’

‘Okay, we’ve got no choice but to go deeper in this shit hole. Let’s get it over and done with.’ Brian added, before we all made our way out of the office.

We spent another twenty minutes looking around for a way to the lower level when we found a set of stairs leading down. We discovered another control room where a multitude of computers and screens displaying CCTV images of the entire complex presented itself. The power was still online here and it looked as though someone had left in a hurry moments before, a still warm cup of coffee rested upon the desk along with a journal. I picked up the journal and began to scan through it when Brian noticed something on the screens.

‘Someone was watching our every move.’ Brian pointed out. There were live feeds of the top two levels where we had just come from. ‘Look there!’ He nearly shouted pointing at one of the feed’s, ‘There’s someone there.’

There was a man in full lab uniform running to what looked like another set of stairs leading down.

‘I bet that’s the asshole who’s been fucking around with us all this time.’ Carl stated, ‘We need to follow him.’

I forced the journal in to one of my pockets, ‘Your right, maybe we can get some answers from him. Let’s move out.’ We rushed along the path that lead to the man and made our way down to the final level down below. The door had been left open. Once through we found ourselves in a large lab covered on both sides with large concrete walls and a multitude of flood lights. Iron bulkhead door’s surrounded us on all four sides in the face of the structure. The figure of a man in the far end caught our attention. We rushed all the way down there with our weapons drawn.

‘Hey!’ Carl shouted pointing his rifle at the mans head, ‘Turn around now!’

By that point we all had our weapons pointed at the man, once he turned, we noticed an empty syringe injected into his arm.

A malicious laugh escaped his mouth, ‘It’s too late, I’ve already injected myself.’

‘With what?’ I asked, hoping that it wasn’t the bio-weapon.

‘This is the culmination of years of advanced research and now it is in me. I have created the ultimate bio-weapon the world has ever seen.’ He laughed once more.

‘Cut the bullshit. What the fuck happened here?’ I shouted cutting him off.

‘You killed my children, and now you have the nerve to ask me what happened. In a few moments you’ll all be dead anyway and world will truly know what it’s like to live in fear. So, I might as well tell you before you die. I spent years working as a geneticist for the SDF, after years of working my ass off I was dismissed for experimenting on gene splicing. It was then I decided that I would carry on my work here for people who appreciated my work, I perfected my formula and created these magnificent loyal creatures that follow my every orders.’

‘You sick bastard. What have you done?’ I asked.

The only reply I received was another malicious reply. That was when dark veins began to appear on his face and his skin began to morph. His body began to increase in size until he was at least eight feet tall. Rough scales began to form around his entire body and a devilish red aura radiated from his eyes.

‘Fuck this,’ Carl said unloaded half a magazine into the creatures face, it was no use as the bullets just bounced off the rock-hard skin that still morphed. ‘Damn it.’

‘Everyone get back to a safe distance, I have no idea what this bastard is capable of.’ I warned the other when the situation went from being bad to worse. The doors surrounding us all clicked open and hordes of humanoid creatures began pouring in like a river of ferocity.

‘Damn it! We’re surrounded.’ Brian stated as we all huddled up back to back before letting our trigger fingers loose.

The radio crackled with the British guy’s voice, ‘You have twenty minutes until the US Air force drop a heap of bombs on the building. Get your asses out of there.’ He said.

‘We’re currently engaged with an army of these fuckers. We found the scientist behind this whole mess, he injected himself with a more advanced version of the bio-weapon and transformed into a big ugly fucker, our bullet’s have no effect on him.’ I finished as the hordes of creatures kept pouring out.

‘You have twenty minutes to get out of there!’ The British guy shouted before the line went dead.

We held the creatures back for what seemed ages, our rifles had run out of ammo which resulted in us using our sidearms.

‘We need to make our way to the tunnel.’ I shouted, ‘If we carry on fighting them like this, we’ll only end up dead.’ The others agreed and we began fighting our way to the mouth of the tunnel. The giant creature followed us but due to its larger size it was considerably slower than the smaller ones.

I shot my grenade launcher into the hordes of enemies that were bunched up before I only had one final one left. Carl and Brian had used all their grenades. I kept the last once in case we needed to use it on the large fucker. We made our way to a door that lead us on to the train track and locked it shut moments before the horde began bashing the door. The tram that was here once was no longer here. We made our way along when suddenly a large explosion shook the ground like an earthquake. The fucker had destroyed a section of the wall and made it way along the tracks towards us with it’s little minions following along.

I loaded my final grenade into the launcher and shot the ceiling of the tracks above the creature before a hail of concrete, dirt and gravel lodged itself in the tunnel blocking all access. We ran along the tracks with only moments before the airstrike due.

Completely out of breath, I nearly fell to the ground once we were in the bunker at the other end. Brian kicked the locked door down before we ran outside into the wilderness of the forest. A loud thunderous sound emanated above our heads followed by the small outlines of a squadron of B-2 stealth bombers. We ran further into the forest in order to avoid any bombs that could have deviated from their flight path before the entire complex was engulfed in massive balls of fire followed by the rumbling of the earth beneath us. We had barely made it out alive.

‘Fuck! That was a close one.’ Carl shouted hiding behind the large trunk of a thick tree as were all of us.

‘Fucking hell, I can’t believe we made it out of that one alive.’ I laughed that was when we noticed heavy footsteps in the distance. We all turned to face the large creature making it’s their way towards us.

‘Shit!’ Brian shouted. ‘I’m all out.’ He frowned.

We we’re all in the same situation with only a handful of pistol rounds to our name. It wouldn’t be enough to take this son of a bitch down.

I called HQ as we turned to run, ‘HQ, you there?’

‘What’s your status, McCarthy?’

‘The B-2’s decimated the place but that big one’s still alive. We’re out of ammo and need assistance right away.’ I said before we began running deeper in to the woods.

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