Nuclear Dawn

Pripiat, Ukraine, on a cold frosty night during April 1986. Time is flying past, grim reapers waiting eagerly as the clock ticks by, waiting to take the lonely souls of the soon to be dead and waiting for something immense to dominate the small innocent world.

01:23:04 struck, the sky was as dark and peaceful as empty fields of grass. The moon as bright as ever and the sky was calm. A few seconds passed as the sky soon became engulfed by bright orange flames it was like a lonely lantern in the never ending reaches of space and time it looked like a small glow worm on the walls of a dark cave. Millions watched Armageddon as it was emitted across the far reaches of the spherical world. The muscular radiation killed billions of vulnerable, innocent human beings as they were getting on with the struggles of life. The shockwave caused by the inferno dispersed, buildings fell on their sides compressing anything underneath them. Like a never-ending black hole engulfing the sky the terror only lasted a few minutes but did extraordinary damage, it was finally silent you couldn’t even hear a pin drop. The silence drenched on the earth like never before.

As the silent dawn struck, the grim reapers waiting for orders they still hadn’t received, not even moved an inch since the start of this demented madness. The sun’s rays struck the earth as it spun from darkness it was then when the destruction was seen. The great forests that were once big, strong and dominant are now nothing but dark grey contaminated ashes.

My eyes opened I was awake my heart was pounding so much that I could feel it about to burst out off my chest. I could feel a large object laying down on my left leg it was very heavy, it was big and bulky.  It felt like a small destroyed motorbike as I lifted the heavy object away from my legs. I could feel the blood rushing to my head again it was like a adrenaline rush .My legs were frozen and my left leg it was like as if nettles had stung me all the way from my knee cap to my ankles.

 I slowly got up on my feet both of my legs were hurting as if they had been run over by a car. As I gradually got up my vision was slowly regenerating from the darkness I was seeing before I had removed that muscular object from on top of my legs. I could smell burning in the air like it smells the morning after bonfire night.  I saw a long dark alley way I could not even see any windows or doors. I couldn’t remember anything from before this had happened to me, I felt cold and lonely. I saw no one else not even a shadow. I walked slowly; I was limping on one foot because of my painful sore leg. The sky was full of clouds like as if a nuclear bomb had just gone off. I slowly crept towards the end of this long dark damp alley. For a moment I thought I heard a scream I looked back there was nothing even there it was too dark for me to see past the rich darkness of the furious night.

I walked, and I walked until I got to a crossroads it had four long narrow roads going in opposite directions I felt a tingle in my stomach like as if something was watching me turned left I turned right I looked behind then I gave up my neck hurt with pain and looked straight forward there she was in front of the crack of dawn she said to me.

She stood at 5ft6” she was really skinny her eyes were as red as blood her hair was curly it went down to her shoulders it was as white as snow she had pale white skin she had an evil grin on her face. She stared at me with those evil eyes. I was as confused as a fish.  How can this be true? I must be dreaming; how could she appear out of nowhere?

As the cold lonely souls of the people who were once living were roaming freely around the empty streets. Unlike fruit flies whizzing around scrounging for food these souls were like an old record on replay, replaying their last moments of death. No orders came as the patient reapers waited for their final order as the Day of Judgment was upon them. It’s like as if they are waiting for something or someone.

She walked toward me and quietly said “This will all be over soon”. Her voice sounded beautiful it was like as if she was an angel, but I knew she was evil by the scary grin on her face that gave it all away. All the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on their tip toes. I shouted back at her angrily “who are you and what do you want”. She came closer and closer until she was face to face I looked down at her beautiful face she said “you are the last human alive you must die so that our creator Lucifer can walk the earth again”. I was even more confused now, my head was spinning with questions, the longer this conversation went on the more I thought it was a creepy nightmare just stalking me like a predator hunting for its prey. I looked in to her divine blood red eyes and said “why? Why me?”

Then out of nowhere her hand drew a small knife with marking engraved in to it and that’s when she stabbed me in my stomach my abdominals were aching with pain, my vision blurred for some reason I was seeing smoke coming out of my mouth it was then I fell down on the ground and slowly the darkness engulfed my eyes.

The reapers stood tall, with their backs as straight as a metal pole, their skin was dark and aged and they all looked like old men. They wore black suits as if they were at a funeral all of them staring in one direction in perfect formation as if they were waiting for something, something big.

 As the brainless souls replayed everything stopped as the sky turned orange and then flame red like as if it had just been ignited, ignited by something or someone. All the volcanoes in the world were pounding larva out like a heart pumping faster and faster like as if they were about to have a heart attack. 

Then this big tall figure came out he was 8ft tall, his eyes were glowing red he had two long horns on his head they looked like goat horns his skin had crack that were glowing red as the smoke cleared on his back were two wings they looked like the wings of a angel, fallen angel as they did not give him flight he walked forward staring at his hands and smiling then he growled in to the thin air as his army of dark demonic soldiers came up from behind him possessing the people of the earth who had died the previous night. He looked eagerly in front of him waiting for his older brother to come the brother that beat him up to a pulp for defying God’s creation. 

Then a loud noise came it was a trumpet it blew for full 5 minutes the daemons grabbed their ears tight and screamed in pain Lucifer took it like a man and stared in to the empty space where his brother will soon arise, and they will battle. Then silence struck once more as a light from the sky could be seen hitting the floor like an alien spaceship. As the armies of heaven came down following their commander in perfect formation like an army they stood in line waiting for their general to come and give them commands. Michael came down and then the mysterious light faded away he was smaller than Lucifer, but he wielded a mighty sword in his left hand his wings were bright with white feathers he was meditating in the air to show that he is at an advantage to Lucifer as the light faded away Michaels face darkened because there was no light in the air to be reflected. He stood there for a second.

The reapers got ready to take the souls of the dead they all moved in the direction of the light. They walked until they were in the middle of the battlefield.

Both armies ran towards each other on a collision course with their opposite karma reflection.

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