The Curse of Dark Mountain Final

A vast chamber presented itself to me where rows of torches lit the demons lair. The blood-filled rubies sparkled in the flickering of the flames surrounded by giant claw’s which held the remains of the creatures victims. I noticed the tormented expressions on their blackened faces as I tried to imagine the suffering they must have gone through.

Across from me in the far end one of the bodies stood out from the others, it was that of a young girl. I ran towards her as fast as I could. ‘Ellie!’ I shouted to no response. There was enough space between the fingers of the unnatural hand that held her for me to check her pulse. She was still alive. I furiously shook her with all I had in an attempt to wake her.

Ellie’s eye’s snapped open and she began to scream as if she had just awoken from a nightmare. If only she realized that It was me who had come to save her.

‘Ellie, It’s me. Calm down before it realizes, I’m here.’ I tried to persuade to no avail. She just carried on in her frenzy. All my efforts to calm her down were futile as I slowly realized she was stuck in some kind of trance the demon had put her in.

A deep menacing growl erupted in the distance when the large figure of the creature unveiled itself from the corner of my eye. I turned to face it’s gigantic body, a hunk of green scaly meat over eight feet in tall and as broad as three men. Two horns protruded from it’s head and curved around like they did on a goats head. It growled once again at the sight of me revealing razor sharp teeth that could have ripped me in half if given the chance. It moved fast considering it’s size and nearly caught me off guard as I dodged the charge. What on earth did I just get myself in to here? One measly hit from this thing would most definitely mean the end of me. I did the only thing I could and that was to run to the other end of the chamber from where I came.

I raised the pick-axe and whispered into it, ‘How the fuck am I going to even kill that thing?’ hoping that the Native American warriors that had hitchhiked with me to this dark and forsaken place could lend me some of their valuable knowledge in my time of need.

‘The Nun’Tuni’Wi’s source of power comes from the victims it has tortured. The people whose souls are trapped in the hellish hands of this creatures grasp must be released from their torment. Only then you may face it on equal terms.’

Moments before the creature closed in on me, the thought clicked in my head. I jogged to the nearest body and swung the axe in to it’s head. A gassy white aura emerged from the body before I moved on to the next one. Before long I had managed to outrun the demon and release half a dozen souls from their misery. But my success had come to an end when it had finally caught me by surprise with a powerful thump. I was launched to the other side of the chamber landing face first into the stench of a decaying corpse. It wouldn’t have taken a doctor tell me that I had multiple broken ribs and a collapsed lung as every breath I took vomited streams of blood. I coughed, splattering blood everywhere. I was done for; it would only be another minute or so until my eventual death. I dropped my head in a shameful defeat when suddenly the corpse kicked me with its bony feet.

‘What the fuck?’ I wheezed as more blood spewed out from my mouth lifting my head to take a look at the corpse.

It’s body began to regenerate the more of my blood it sucked in like a vacuum. ‘I can help you.’ The corpse mumbled as it’s nearly ripped off jaw pulled it self-back together.

I groaned in pain as I felt the trembling of the ground beneath me as the demon stomped closer.

‘Give me you arm.’ It pleaded now in more precise words as it regained its ability to speak.

With mere seconds left to decide I didn’t know what to do. I was as good as dead anyway especially like this. It was worth a try even if it gave me the slightest chance at saving Ellie. I had failed her as a father but I will not fail her by letting her be a subjected to that fucking demon. I let loose a weak sigh and pushed my arm towards it’s mouth with all the energy I could muster. It’s sharp fangs punctured my skin and from what I could feel injected a thick liquid into me. A strange tingle rushed around me before it began to sting more and more as if I had been exposed to the strongest venom that could possibly exist. I screamed in agony when suddenly I heard my ribs snap back into place. My wounds slowly regenerated and I now had the energy to dodge the charge of the demon.

I stood away few meters away from it astonished at the feat I had just achieved. My body had naturally moved out of the way in what a biologist would call a reflex action. I clenched my fist and could instantly feel raw power coursing through my veins. It came for me once more but the speed of my actions were so fast, I had unknowingly punched it in the face, causing it to lose balance. Whilst the beast was stunned, I grabbed the pick-axe and held it above my head, clenching it so tight my fingers had squashed the wooden handle like a sponge. With all my newfound strength I went for the head.

A thick dark green liquid oozed out from it’s head when the spirits of the native’s finally had their chance to escape. They jumped the demon with a flurry of attacks until it no longer twitched. The giant claws released their hold on the prisoners in the chamber before the bodies of their victims hit the cold damp floor. The chamber shifted and morphed back to what the normal caves in the mountain would have looked like. Everything vanished before my eyes except my daughter’s body. I ran towards her and checked her once again before lifting her up.

When I turned around to make my way out of the cave the spirits of my ancestors stood behind me together with happiness on their faces. One of them picked the silver-plated pick-axe off the ground before everything went dark. I had done it. I had saved Ellie and freed my ancestors from the tight noose of that creature. The Harrison's were finally free from this damn curse.

My eye’s adjusted to the pitch black and for some strange reason I could see through the darkness. I made my way back from where I came. The flooding that once filled the entrance was now gone and once, I was back outside I noticed the fog had also ceased to exist as the ray’s of the morning sun rose from the horizon. I raced back to the car and tossed Ellie in the back seat before hitting the gas towards the nearest hospital I could think of.

I glanced back at the old road that lead to the dilapidated building when I noticed the body of a man staring back at me with gleaming red eye’s. It resembled the creature that had bitten me in the caves. I knew that would not be the last time I see him but my main concern at that moment was to get Ellie the care she needed.

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