The Fall - Chain of Realms Prologue

The Fall

(Many Millennia Ago)


*Arch-Demon Nsital, Demon*


Explosive spells from Nsital, the Arch-Demon commander of The Dark Empire’s fleet struck the shore of the City of Kings, causing a mixture of shockwaves and sand to disperse in every direction possible. His displeasure of the Empire of Kings, a stupid contingent of kings and rulers that had come together from many worlds to fight his army caused him much anger. You will all die today, those who get in our way and delay us will be crushed!

The city, an ancient bastion of hope against The Dark Empire withered as every explosion from the enraged demon hit its mark. For many millennia it successfully defended the chain, a pre historic link of many habitable worlds, from the clutches of evil. But now it walked to the end of the line, against a force outnumbering it a million to one. Its final breaths stood moments away.

Nsital’s monstrous army prepared to disembark from the deep bellies of the organically created ships they were encased in to the vast snow-white beach of the island.

Their immensely large ships began to flow in to the harbour like a swarm of locusts. Behind Nsital, Dark Priests had now begun to incant spells of an unnatural nature that caused a plume of thick black smog to birth.  They concealed the suns light as the invaders moved closer and closer.

After a few minutes the entire sky around the island was consumed and plunged it in to an ethereal darkness. A tactic used by the demons to intimidate the enemy.


* General Len’fer’seer, Ancient Elf*


Lenfer marched to the city wall, which was now in a constant state of bombardment, straight in the view of his army. He climbed atop a raised section wall and turned to face a small fraction of his five million troops, they had been waiting for orders. He could sense the fear coursing through their veins. They won’t live to see another day.

The infantry, who stood at the forefront, stared at their general’s stature which stood at eight and a half feet tall, fully donned in black ebony armour and looked like it had been forged the day before. The darkness that engulfed the island allowed the ancient runes etched upon his armour to burn in a blood red hue.

Lenfer slipped his helmet off with both hands and placed it beneath his left arm revealing long silvery hair hanging from his head. His fiery red eyes glowed full of magic in the foggy atmosphere concealing most of his features. He took an extended deep breath before beginning his speech.

‘I see the fear running through all of you,’ he shouted whilst panning his vacant ebony gauntlet around the crowd before scrunching it into a fist which trembled. I feel the fear running through my very own veins. He sighed before adding, ‘But I also see the courage that lingers within your souls. This may very well be the final battle of our lives, or it could be the greatest victory that we have ever won.’ He pointed towards the beach where the enemy vessels now began to swiftly fill the port of the city. ‘They have imprisoned many of us, they’ve killed so many of us and now they stalk our shores wanting to finish us off. They plan to plunge everything in to their eternal darkness. They won’t rest until every single one of us is either dead or enslaved in their damned soul vials.’

Lenfer walked back a few metres and passed where he initially stood. He could now see a strong light penetrating the fog from imperial throne tower.  He inspected the way the tower scratched the dark blanket above the city. Barely anything was visible.

He stared at his darkened home and felt a flush of emotion spear through his mind as he re-imagined the happiness this city had given him since he had been born. A strange feeling deep within his gut had emerged.  Somehow deep within he knew this would be the last time he would ever see his beloved city.

Both his father’s and the princess’ presence resonated from the tower.

They’re waiting for the emperor to return. I wonder what’s going on over there. After pondering for a few more seconds, he waved away the distracting notion from his head and returned to facing his troops.

‘This is our city, the warm hearth which has protected us from the harsh evils of their existence for thousands of years. Now is the time for us all to act. On countless occasions these walls have withstood the countless barrages. But today we have all had enough! The men, women and children of our families are in grave danger. It is up to all of us to here today to fight and protect the ones we love. We will protect them! We must, even if it leads to our deaths! Our legacy here must carry on! For if it isn’t…the universe will plunge in to nothing but emptiness.’

Lenfer grabbed a potion from his belt and drank it completely to increase his magical prowess.  He allowed himself to catch a breath before tossing it away before the flush of magic overwhelmed him. He would be needing it for the upcoming battle.

‘The Infantry will fall back to the courtyard and wait for them to push forward past the walls in to a bottlenecked position. Hopefully by then the mages will have arrived from the western wall, they will you from any magic they throw at us.’

Lenfer paused for a second to think before continuing, ‘Archers will come with me to defend the wall where we’ll snipe off as many of them vile bastards as we can. I will shield us from any magic until the Mage Troops arrive. Now, let’s all give them a deadly welcome!’

Lenfer grabbed his golden etched sword hilt which hung from the left side of his belt and unsheathed an ancient emerald blade from its housing. The blade titled Life-taker began to shine strongly as it was lifted in to the air pointing upwards. Lenfer then aimed the blade at a set of large stairs which led up to the top of the walls, ‘Let’s go!’ He finished.


*Lord Far’low’seer, Ancient Elf*


‘They’ve landed!’ Farlow, high lord of the Empire of Kings, shouted. He gazed far into the harbour from where he and the princess waited, at the top of the city tower on the balcony of the throne chamber. He stared at the outline of millions of ships which had congregated behind a thick dark fog in the harbour.

Six billion vile beasts are within moments from storming my city. If only we had more time we could have gathered enough of a force to mount a proper defence. Farlow twisted his head and locked gazes with Princess Marlena, daughter of the emperor.

‘Is there nothing you can do until your father arrives?’ He said overlooking the invading horde.

Marlena attempted to sense her father’s presence using a magical technique to no avail. She then pondered about the different possibilities of buying the city more time by slowing the enemies advance with a time spell but then realised she won’t have any energy left. Her hooded crimson red cloak covered most of her six feet tall body, including parts of her face. The cloak went all the way down to her knees where it revealed black skin-tight fine leather pants on her slim legs.

Locked in her troubled ideas, Marlena peered in to the heart of the vast torrent of ships that flowed in to the harbour. She could feel the hatred coursing through their veins all the way from the tower. She turned her back to the tsunami and slowly walked through a door that connected the balcony to a large throne chamber. Visibility was poor outside and even poorer in the room where only one candle was lit on the main table. The room’s elegance could still radiated as various enchanted ornaments sparkled like small glow-worms in a dark cave. Hundreds of thrones of varying shapes and sizes littered the massive room, one for each king in the empire.  The room was large enough to hold more than five thousand people nobles.


Farlow turned around and stared at Marlena who also turned to face him. Her face was partially concealed in a dark shadow from her hood. She gazed at Farlow. He stood over two feet taller than her six-foot stature and in full platinum plate armour with blood red elven runes engraved into the armour. It was normal for elves to be taller. His helmet sat upon the centre table of the chamber waiting to be worn in the upcoming battle. From his back there hanged a gold embroidered white cloak and around his waist sat a belt etched with a similar pattern to his cloak. He was gripping the neck of a magical sword, named Bloodbath, an ancient blade with a dark past. His golden ivory hair fell to his shoulders millimetres away from his armour waved in faint gusts. His eyes shone a fiery red.

‘There’s way too many of them. I can’t fight their commander and protect our army at the same time. I’m going to need all of my mana if I’m to even stand a chance against that Arch-Demon. I doubt I’ve even enough power to even scratch him, let alone defeat him. We’re in way over our heads this time,’ Marlena replied then suddenly she felt her father’s presence outside the warded chamber. ‘My father’s here.’

The main entrance of the chamber was a five-metre-tall grand door engraved with both rare metals and gems of every variety. It slammed open, smashing in to both sides of the wall and causing a loud thud. The entire room reverberated from the collision. A bright light erupted from behind the doors as soon as they opened themselves. A seven foot tall lantern like body lit the entire chamber up with many combinations of orange, red and bright blue. The extravagance of the room glared immensely, causing the balcony doorway atop the tower to shine like a lighthouse on the darkest of nights.

Morcant, The Emperor of Kings, stormed through the door towards his daughter and one of his most trusted lords. His body surrounded by the outline of a bright presence which sat atop his gem filled platinum armour, shadowing its extravagance in light. He removed his helm and placed on the large table next to where Farlow placed his. Removing the helm revealed an exquisite necklace where 3 diamonds the size of grapes hung reverberating and shining as bright as the sun.

Morcant took a deep breath before all three diamonds dimmed and he powered himself down. Plunging the room into the darkness it was engulfed in moments before. The emperor raised his right palm and quickly enchanted a spell which caused a ball of light the size of his head to appear above it. The room now had enough light for everyone to observe the table where a map of the entire city island rested.

Farlow and Marlena both walked to the table and saluted the emperor by tapping their right hands on the left side of their chests.

‘What’s the situation on the eastern port?’ the emperor asked before locking gazes with Lord Farlow.

‘Unfortunately our navy did not stand a chance against them. That’s why over a million ships are now unloading their troops on to our shores. We don’t have long until they break through the walls. We’re greatly outnumbered, your grace, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.’

‘Damn! You’ll be glad to know there’s twice as many of them on the western shore,’ the emperor informed, pointing his finger at the enemy forces which had already started to march towards his capital city. ‘You guys need to be really careful over here. I sensed something really strange a while back as if something powerful was trying to hide itself from us. But anyway here, Marlena, take my necklace. You should be able to extract enough power from it to keep up with that Arch-Demon, Nsital. If things don’t go well, you need to call me using the telepathy spell I taught you and I’ll be there as soon as I can. For now, I am needed on the western shore where the odds are twice as bad. I’ll finish the battle there as fast as I can and march the rest of the troops to the east. Is there anything else you require before I set off?’

Both Marlena and Farlow nodded their head “No.” in unison.

‘Your grace…, good luck.’ Farlow finished before they both picked up their helms and wore them.

Morcant raised both his hands in front of his chest before quenching them into fists and powered back up in to the state he was before. The light in the chamber was once again rekindled. He unsheathed a diamond hilted orange sword from its sheath before opening a dark portal and vanishing in to it. As he left he hissed ‘good luck,’ to his daughter and best friend.

‘We better get moving before it’s too late,’ Marlena spoke after a short, empty silence. Farlow nodded in agreement.

Marlena placed the diamond necklace around her neck and began the process of channelling the power from within the gems in to her body. This caused the gems to start faintly glowing again. She started incanting a transportation spell.

‘Where shall we go?’ Marlena asked, delaying the spell for a few moments.

‘Take us to Lenfer. We should see if his forces are holding the walls. If they’re fine, we leave Lancel my youngest son in charge of the army. We will take Lenfer with us to fight Nsital. My son’s magical ability far surpasses his combat ability so he might be useful against the Arch-Demon.”

‘Yeah, I agree. Hold my hand.’

Farlow did as he was bid and within a second they had both disappeared.


*Princess Marlena, Ancient Human*


The massive ten metre thick wall that was occupied by over five hundred thousand renowned elven archers, withstood blast after blast of explosive fireballs. Every time the wall got hit it reverberated like a small earth quake and bits crumbled off of its surface and fell upon the sand. The archers shot their arrows at the enemy, picking them off from as far as they could before they reached the huge steel gate.

Marlena and Farlow dissolved back in to existence out of thin air. What’s that? Marlena suddenly sensed the presence of dark mages incanting a powerful spell. They must be preparing to attack the gate; I better warn Lenfer.

‘Lenfer!’ Marlena shouted, startling the young general, who was obviously unaware of their presence. He twisted his head to discover both his father and Marlena standing a few metres away from where he stood.

‘Father,’ Lenfer greeted.

‘Lenfer,’ Marlena Interrupted. ‘I can sense dark mages incanting a powerful spell over there.’ She added whilst pointed towards the edge of the beach where a large congregation of ships were docked.

‘Looks like I’ve no choice but to raise a shield. I think they will try to kill as many of our archers in the process of destroying that gate. If their attack is too powerful I might need you to reinforce it if things get out of my control.’

‘I’m sorry Lenfer but I have to conserve as much of my power to fight the Arch-Demon. If it’s about to kill all of us only, then will I step in but only to defend me you and your father as I can’t afford to lose too much of my power.’ Unfortunately, death wait’s for the rest.

‘Understood,’ Lenfer agreed but by the end of his response the walls began to vibrate stronger and stronger as the seconds went by.

‘Lenfer, they’ve begun their attack.’ Marlena informed.

Both Lenfer and Marlena turned to face the beach only to discover millions of small magical projectiles racing towards them.

Marlena sensed that the projectiles were quite powerful and deceiving for their size. She turned to face Lenfer and warned him, ‘Lenfer don’t be fooled by the size of their fireballs, they’re trying to trick us in to thinking the little ones won’t do any damage when in fact they’ll explode violently.’

‘Don’t worry I’ve got this… hopefully.’ Lenfer replied before swiftly raising his left hand in to the centre of the sky around where they stood and began to incant a powerful spell.

Within seconds a massive transparent shield, as tall as two hundred metres and as wide as a kilometre defended the area. Within seconds the projectiles rained down upon the shield, like a storm, violently exploding in to balls of fire. Marlena sensed the shield begin to weaken and raised her palm in the centre of where the three of them stood. Lenfer shouted and exhaled as hard as he could with every ounce of energy he had left within him to prevent the shields demise. He held the shield like this for half a second before the rain stopped.

Lenfer lowered his sore arm and caught his breath. Marlena also lowered hers. She looked at Lenfer who looked back with a grin.

‘Hopefully that buys us enough time until those mages arrive,’ Lenfer exhaled before adding, ‘Good thing it worked.’

Marlena nodded and uttered ‘Yes,’ in a relieved tone

‘Let’s be grateful it did,’ Farlow interrupted. ‘Will the walls hold now? We’re going to need you in the battle against the Arch-Demon.’

‘Father, the walls will hold for now, but another bombardment from them like that and the walls will be nothing but rubble and ash. They’ll tear it apart if there’s no shield to protect it.’

‘Where’s your brother? We need him to command the forces whilst you’re gone.’ Farlow said whilst he scanned the surrounding area to look for his youngest son to no avail.

‘Father, he’s with the battle mages. I sent him to the western wall to call for them. They should be back anytime now. At least then we have a better chance at prolonging their advance and I can go with you. Leaving it unguarded like this poses too much of a risk especially if they throw another barrage like they did just minutes ago,” Lenfer responded whilst gazing at the beach to check for anything out of the ordinary.

‘Damn. The longer we wait the more damage they will be able to cause. We need to deal with that Arch-Demon and his mages as fast as possible before they conjure up something even more stupidly deadly.” Farlow stated.

Both father and son discovered a great fireball spring out of thin air, it must have been as big as twenty metres in diameter and it was coming straight towards where they stood.

‘Something like that!’ Farlow pointed.

Before Lenfer could react a shield appeared out of nowhere and deflected the fire ball. Marlena, Farlow and Lenfer turned around to find Lancel with more than five thousand battle mages making their way to the top of the wall. One of them had erected the barrier.

‘Yes, Lancel and the battle mages.’ Marlena whispered whilst smiling.

‘Father it’s good to see you.’ Lancel greeted his father as soon as he arrived.

‘Likewise, we’ve got no time to explain things. You’re in charge now whilst we pinch your brother to go fight that demon.’

‘…In charge?’ Lancel asked. He had never been put in charge before but had been educated for it for many years. The time had come to prove his worth. He was not going to let his father and the rest of this city down.

‘Yes, you’ll be fine little brother. We’ll be back on the wall before you know it. If you keep the archers shooting at the enemy from afar you’ll be fine. And when they break through the gate, all the way through in to the centre courtyard, command the infantry to begin their ambush. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.’

‘I’ll do my best.’ Lancel replied. ‘Hopefully it’s enough.’

Marlena looked towards the beach and sensed the Arch-Demon’s power growing. ‘We’ll need to get going now. There’s no time to waste. The Arch-Demon gets stronger with every passing moment we waste. We need to go now!” Marlena explained whilst pushing both her hands out from the shadows of her crimson cloak. Both father and son did as they were bid and held her hands.

‘Are we ready?’ Marlena asked.

Both father and son nodded before saying, ‘Yes.’

Marlena inhaled a huge breath that filled her lungs, relieving some anxiety before beginning the incantation.

Within seconds they were in enemy territory surrounded by dark beings of all shapes and sizes. Creatures from every direction ran towards the trio causing Farlow and Lenfer to unsheathe their swords which began to burn bright in their respective colours as the magic within was activated.

Marlena removed the red hood from around her scalp and let the wind blow in her face. She knew they have to fight through the creatures before getting to the leader.

‘Lenfer I’m going to raise an offensive shield. When the Arch-Demon discovers that we’re coming towards him, he’ll throw all he’s got to destroy us. If he’s too powerful, you’ll need to reinforce it or we’ll all die,’ Marlena exclaimed as Lenfer and Farlow kept dropping countless enemies to the ground indiscriminately.

Bloodbath diced her enemies, dropping them in large puddles of blood whilst Life-taker engulfed their life force, killing them instantly and restoring its owner’s health. Both enchanted weapons looked mesmerizing in the dark.

Both father and son retreated back to where Marlena stood and took up defensive positions and waited for the shield to erupt.

Marlena incanted the spell before any enemy could move an inch closer. It exploded outwards from the centre of her crimson body and shone as bright as an excited blacksmiths forge. It increased in diameter to about five metres and melted anything and everything that it came in to contact with it.

‘Let’s start moving towards the Arch-Demon,’ Marlena said.

The shield surrounded the three companions as they mowed through the enemy horde.

Marlena sensed their presence was discovered. ‘Damn. I can feel his power. He knows we’re coming and is preparing to attack us.’


*Arch-Demon Nsital, Demon*


Nsital, the Arch-Demon commander quenched both his unnatural fists and began sucking dark energy from the soul vial that hung from his neck. Surrounding his immense nine and a half feet tall body stood a retinue of shorter fur cloaked mages. Dark metallic armour covered both his shoulders and feet. His horns poked through an iron helm on his head at over half a metre long. A beastly fur held on to his body by a metallic belt fell from his thighs and a wingspan of over four metres rested on his upper back.

 The white energy that flushed from the spirit crystal went through his body and straight in to the surface of his beastly palms. The more power that he sucked from the crystal the more his eyes blazed red and shadowed his green reptile like skin. A violent dark mist gathered around his body and began to twist like a hurricane.

‘You think you can just do whatever you want you dirty little beings. I’ll show you! I’ll kill you all!’ He barked before twisting his head to face the commander of the dark mages, ‘What are you waiting for? Go and attack the wall you useless twits. I will take care of these fools who get in my way. I will make them pay!’ The dark mages nodded their order and disappeared in to the dark atmosphere.

Nsital turned his attention back to the intruders as his body grew in stature from all the power he sucked from the soul vial. His growth came to a halt as he neared fifteen feet tall. He felt so much stronger now.

‘I’m going to kill you, you filthy creatures. I’ll teach you a lesson not to get in my way!’ He growled at the top of his voice.

He raised both his hands and aimed them at the ball-like shield that trudged towards him. He felt his hands pulse with extraordinary power before unleashing the dark mist that surrounded his body. It swirled towards them like a hurricane. Within seconds the blast collided with the shield and locked it dead in its tracks.


*Princess Marlena, Ancient Human*


Marlena dropped, sinking her knees into the sandy shore. Farlow and Lenfer jumped closer to the centre of the shield as its walls weakened and collapsed to half their original size.

Marlena pushed forward with both her hands scrounging as much power from every corner of her body she could. It’s no use.

‘He’s too powerful! I can’t hold the shield for much longer!’ She shrieked at the top of her voice looking at Farlow. What do I do now? He knew exactly what she was thinking as she waited for him to answer.

‘Lenfer, join Marlena and reinforce our shield!’ Farlow yelled at his son before turning to face Marlena again, ‘Lenfer’s power should hopefully be enough to hold the damn thing.’

Lenfer joined in with the struggle. Within seconds Lenfer also fell on to his knees from the brute force of the attack. It was then Farlow realised both their combined effort was not going to be enough.

‘He’s still too powerful! I need to use those gems!’ Marlena shouted.

Farlow turned to face Marlena and shouted, ‘Use them!’

Hopefully they’ve enough power to get us through this, our lives depend on them… everything depends on them. Marlena quickly gripped the necklace with her left hand and allowed the energy to burst in to her veins, it was like a dam opening its doors into the belly of a dead river.

The gems now blazed as bright as they did before the emperor gave them to his daughter. A fierce fire burned in Marlena’s heart causing her sapphire blue eyes to flare with magic. The more power she consumed from the necklace the more intoxicated her mind became. It acted like a drug, rejuvenating her mana, forcing the shield back to its original size. ‘Yes!’ She yelled, still intoxicated, ‘This power…It’s… immense. I can destroy him!’ I’m unstoppable!

Relieved by the vast power surge Lenfer released his magic from the struggle and caught his breath before standing back on to his feet as fast as he could and unsheathed his sword. He suddenly sensed strong presences beginning to surrounding them.

Marlena aimed both her hand at the source of the dark mist and began incanting a powerful spell. The hazy glow around her body ceased and concentrated itself towards the centre of both her hands. The energy compressed itself in to a star like ball the size of a watermelon. Her palms began to sweat as the bright ball pulsed in and out vibrating the surrounding area where she stood.

‘Take this, filthy demon!’ Marlena shouted before letting the ball lose through the shield.

Dark mages appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the trio.

‘Father!’ Lenfer said whilst looking at him.

Farlow nodded and unsheathed his ancient blade Bloodbath. Lenfer knew


*Lord Far’low’seer, Ancient Elf*


The arch-demon pushed forwards with as much power as he could. It was no use. The powerful ball that penetrated his attack kept moving closer and closer towards him dispersing the dark mist in all directions. The closer it came, the more he struggled to keep it back.

Dark mages which had appeared from shadows around the shield began throwing destruction magic at the shield, causing distraction to Marlena’s concentration. Her attack deadlocked with the arch-demons making no more advancement upon his dark mist.

‘I can’t concentrate with them attacking the shield,’ Marlena shouted.

‘Hold the shield whilst we take care of the mages,’ Farlow shouted before powering up. The blood red carved runes on his armour lit up with a crimson hue, and so did his eyes. A ghostly aura surrounded his tall body seconds before he and his son disappeared.

With every swing of the sword Farlow caused a mage to fall on to the surface of the beach. He dodged attack after attack from the mages and dealt heavy casualties to them. The surrounding beach was painted as black as the night that covered the island with the blood of mages as both Farlow and Lenfer jumped back in to the safety of the shield.

‘The mages are no longer a problem,’ Lenfer said as both elves caught back their breath.

‘Yeah you’re right about that. Look over there,’ Farlow said as he pointed a finger where a massive ship over a hundred metres in height neared the beach. It was nothing like anything he seen before, ‘but that thing over there is.’

‘What in the name of hell is that?’ Lenfer asked gobsmacked at the size of the vessel.

Marlena turned to face the ship and remembered what her father said. A ship that size could only mean one thing which was one of the seven sins of the dark empire with an entire ship full of hellish knights now preyed upon them.

‘It’s one of the sin’s!’ Marlena screamed. ‘And an entire company of knights each one more powerful than that damned Arch-Demon. If we’re struggling now then there’s absolutely nothing we can do against them. I don’t think even my father has enough power to face them.’

‘Damn it! Marlena call your father; we need his help if we’re going to succeed!’ Farlow said before turning to face Lenfer, ‘will you be able to reinforce the shield if things don’t go as planned?’

‘I’m fully recharged after that ordeal with the mages. It should be enough to hold the shield if things go bad.’ Lenfer replied and showed Farlow the hilt of his sword where a gem in the counterweight burned bright green.

Farlow turned once again to face Marlena, ‘How much power do you have left in the gems?’

‘I’ve used one on the shield and another on the energy ball.’

‘That means you’ve one left. You’re going to have to attack that ship. We need to slow it down and use the final gem to reinforce the shield further until your father arrives.’

‘Lenfer, you need to attack the arch-demon with all you’ve got and distract him for a second whilst I gather enough energy to attack that ship.’

Lenfer quickly incanted a powerful fire spell with all the power he had collected during the fight with the dark mages. He aimed his hands at the demon and let lose a continuous stream of fire hitting the demon on his side.

Marlena conjured a ball of energy to throw at the massive ship and charged as much energy as she could.

Not before long the ball of energy flew towards the large ship before sinking in to its black reptilian skin causing a black waterfall of blood to dissolve in to the sea. Within seconds a shockwave dispersed out of the ship before exploded with a bright flash of sunlight vaporising its existence and covering the area in smoke.

‘Yes, I think we did it,’ Marlena shouted as she failed to sense anything from the smoke.

They stared in to the smoke as it cleared before suddenly dark shadows erupted from the sea and dived in to the city walls. A huge section of the wall crumbled in to nothing but dust and ash as the shadows formed in to fully armoured warriors as they landed on a surface. More than a thousand Hellish Knights reined terror upon the city.

‘No! Lancel,’ Lenfer cried.

‘Lenfer concentrate on attacking the arch-demon. Marlena tell your father he needs to hurry! We won’t be able to hold out much longer.’ Farlow growled before looked up at the sky. A slim figure emerged levitating in the sky above the smoke. He turned to face Marlena and grinned.


*Emperor Morcant, Ancient Human*


‘Morcant! Do you feel that power?’ the spirit inside his head asked.

Morcant turned his attention to the east after slicing a goblin leaders head from its shoulders. A strong power boiled in that direction like nothing he had felt ever before.

‘Your daughter is calling for you. She constantly screams “Father. Father. Father.” But you continue to fight here. We should go east I sense something out of place.’

‘Aye, but what are we going to do here on the western front?  They’ll overwhelm us.’ Morcant replied.

‘You should leave Lord Craster in charge of the infantry. We must face this new more powerful adversary. His power is so great.’ The spirit informed.

‘I guess you’re right, Craster should be able to keep them at bay whilst we both go and fight whatever that thing is. Now, where is Craster?’ Morcant asked.

‘I can sense him a few hundred metres behind us.’ The spirit replied.

Morcant jumped in to the sky with superhuman strength before leaping back behind the vanguard. He floated in the sky scanning the area for Craster. He searched the oncoming flow of men that flowed in to the battlefield from the city gate and suddenly saw a familiar coat of arms resting upon an exquisite suit of shiny platinum-like plate armour. He fell upon the ground and landed on both feet as agile as a cat near where the young lord marched.

‘Craster,’ Morcant yelled.

Craster stopped and gazed at his emperor before running towards him and saluting urgently.

‘Your grace, the vanguard pushes forward for now. But I fear once all their ships are unloaded we will perish.’ Craster rushed.

‘Calm down, if they overwhelm you, then fall back to the gate and try bottlenecking their forces. It’s the best we can do. The battle mages left for the eastern wall a while ago to counter their counterparts. You’ve got no defence if they somehow throw magic attacks. If all else fails; fall back to the castle and protect our families. It’s the best we can do. I must leave for the east. My daughter calls for my help. something powerful is stirring there.’

‘Aye, your grace, I will do all I can.’ Craster agreed before once again saluting and moving forward with his forces.

Morcant closed his eyes and concentrated on his daughter’s presence. After a few seconds, ‘There she is!’ he blurted. Both he and the spirit locked their concentration on Marlena’s power before Morcant incanted a transportation spell.

Morcant opened his eyes to see the blackened blood soaked beach.

‘They’ve destroyed the wall,’ Morcant said before trying to sense what had occurred.

‘Do you feel them?’ The spirit asked.

‘Yes. Those hellish knights are butchering everyone.’ Morcant replied.

‘Cutting them down like a hot knife through butter. But still they are no way as powerful as that other presence. It knows you’re here and waits in the sky for you. It seems familiar to me now that we’re closer.’ The spirit revered.

Morcant turned to face where Marlena’s attack had exploded. The figures of smoke that surrounding the blast radius began to fade as strong gusts from the sea pushed it away.

‘What waits for me up there? The dark clouds blanket my vision and the smoke blurs it to a point where I can’t see nothing but black.’ Morcant asked.

‘Something dark.’

A slim figure emerged in the sky, levitating atop strong magic. His power kept increasing as the time went by, both Morcant and the spirit could sense it.

‘His power feels stronger than anything I’ve ever faced before.’ Morcant exasperated.

Morcant activated the spirits power before it engulfed his entire body in a bright orange blanket of transparent fire. A large set of wings unfolded from his back in a lightly transparent blaze as he leaped of off the ground and in to the sky towards Wrath.

As Morcant gained altitude he discovered a large ball, as bright as the sun, radiating light in every direction. The shield was surrounded by a vast number of creatures as it was being bombarded by a dark purple mist. It was Marlena.

‘I wish I could have done more to protect her… to protect this city and our empire. Many worlds will suffer as a consequence of what happens here today. There’s so much at stake,’ he said moving closer to the powerful figure.

‘What happens now will surely alter the course of history. Prepare yourself for battle, Morcant. He will make his stand with a fury so bold it will cause us more pain than anything both of us have ever experienced in our lives before.’

Morcant stopped ascending. He stood before a figure seven feet tall, all covered from head to toe in dark shadows blending in to the darkness that surrounded the island.

Wraths figure began pulsing like a heart as his body dissolved in to the surrounding darkness.

Morcant unsheathed his sword and began sensing the movements of the shadows that danced all around stalking his existence.


*Princess Marlena, Ancient Human*


Since the wall had fallen, Nsital had charged another blast. It was pushing hard against the membrane of the shield which was now on the verge of collapsing again as its light diminished.

‘I’m losing power,’ Marlena shouted. I can’t keep this up.

‘We have no choice but to fall back. The wall has fallen and our shield is going to fail at this rate. Father, it’s your call.’ Lenfer informed and walked closer to Marlena as the shield pulsed smaller and smaller.

‘Marlena, can you transport us within the city?’ Farlow asked before also moving closer to Marlena.

Marlena’s head ached and screamed for help to her father. But there came no reply. This can’t be. Father what is happening! Please speak to me.

‘Something’s not right. My father’s life force is diminishing. I can sense it slowly going away slowly, vanishing in to the shadows surrounding him.’

“What?” Farlow asked staring strongly at Marlena.

‘Father, we need to go before they destroy the shield.’ Lenfer cried urgently just before a body fell upon the shore in front of them.

A shadowy figure erupted from the darkness. He shouted something at the Arch-Demon. Within seconds the dark mist that poured out of his hands ceased. The figure put his hand out and quenched his fist and the shield shattered in to millions of small pieces of light like a soapy bubble exploding through the rays of sunshine.

‘What happened?’ Farlow asked as he unsheathed his sword and held the blade in a defensive position in front of him.

‘He broke the shield.” Marlena replied whilst falling on the sand, before adding, ‘My father…’ Marlena said before beginning to weep.

Morcant’s body expelled a puddle of crimson red blood that soaked in to the sand.


*Emperor Morcant, Ancient Human*


Morcant coughed a mouthful of blood on to his chest as he looked up at the spirit who now had left his body. It looked like a splitting image of him.

‘We failed.’ The spirit cried.

‘I know. I think I can feel something strange happening to me. Like as if a part of me is losing its grip on my soul.’

‘You’re dying Morcant. You know I must leave your body. Every man must face death by himself. I can’t help you anymore.’

‘I… guess this… is it… then…’ Morcant exhaled as a white light erupted in the sky and consumed his vision and he drifted away.

Suddenly he was standing on green grass behind two figures looking over the edge of a hill. The larger of the two wore a suit of blue metallic armour. The other a man wore armour exactly the same as his own.  Who are you?

It looked as if both of the figures were overlooking his city. Morcant moved closer and closer. The larger metallic figure leaped in to the sky and blue flames erupted from its back then what looked like two wings expanded. A noise like thunder raced through the sky and diverted his attention. Many bird like objects emerged from the sky, howling like a loud thunderstorm, they moved forward in the direction of the two figures as faster than anything he had ever seen.

The larger of the two figures began moving and the sapphire flames from his back increased in size causing a gust of wind to fly past Morcant. The larger figure in the metallic armour had disappeared.

Morcant kept walking towards the other figure who wore his armour. Who are you?

The figure turned around and looked Morcant in the eye.

‘WHO ARE YOU?’ Morcant asked.

Around the figure a fiery blaze erupted very similarly to the spirits when he had powered himself up. The figure removed his helm.

‘Morcant,’ the figure said turning his head. His eyes glowed and a powerful red, orange and blue aura surrounded him. It was as if the spirit was now inside this other person.

‘What’s going on?’ Morcant asked not knowing what on earth was occurring.

‘You’re supposed to be dead!’ The voice echoed before a darkness covered everything.


*Far’low’seer, Ancient Elf*

The time trap that Morcant had constructed before the battle erupted. It had been casted in the event of his death causing the city and everything within to freeze in time as a contingency plan to stop any further advancement from the demons.

Farlow just couldn’t believe everything that had occurred around him. Everything around him had deteriorated. He stared at the emperor who lay still on the ground. Morcant! How can this happen?

‘Father…!’ He heard Marlena cry at the top of her voice. Her eyes continued to flow like a stream.

An orange light erupted from the emperor’s lifeless body and rushed in to the sky like a large fiery tornado. The spirit twisted like a hurricane in a jacket made from embers and radiated its energy at the entire sky surrounding it. The dark blanket which surrounded the island faded away in the shadow of the immense light and the normal sky appeared like the eye of a storm. The light got stronger and stronger, causing the trio to close their eyes.

After a few seconds, the light began to disappear and it was once again viable for Farlow to open his eyes. He saw the light fading away.

Nsital put one hand on his spirit necklace and the other towards them.

“Dam…” Before Farlow could finish a word, a black mist interrupted from the ground like a metallic rods of steel similar to a jail cell. It surrounded the trio and sucked them in.

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