The Dark Ranger Series (Episodic)

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Arc 1: Redhill Town

The Dark Ranger Episode 1: Rebirth

When the population of Redhill, Arizona completely vanishes
without a trace, it falls to Ray and his fellow Rangers to uncover the
truth. The Rangers are an elite unit of self-sufficient soldiers working for the Supernatural Defence Force. Their mission is to investigate the now silent town and figure out where it's people have gone. Their quest is
derailed when they discover something strange. A lone candle flickers in the darkness of the old monastery. Who is the
stranger that lurks behind the candlelight? Together Ray and his fellow rangers must unravel the mystery. Will they uncover the truth or fall victim to the same fate as the townsfolk?

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The Dark Ranger Episode 2: Retribution

The thrilling dark fantasy tale continues as the SDF rangers
prepare to investigate the network of ancient tunnels beneath the soulless remains of Redhill Town. Victor uncovers more secrets of his past life as Ray the human turned vampire learns to nurture his newfound dark powers. As the SDF prepare to mount their offensive they are
ambushed by the evil forces of the demonic mage. Will they survive or fall victim to their enemies?

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Arc 2: Remnants

The Dark Ranger Episode 2: Secrets of Storeland

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